Classic Ads Remembered: WWF

In 2006 the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) asked Australians to make a real difference to the future of our planet by making small changes in their lives today. A series of postcards and print advertisements highlighted the possibility of a future in which our only experience of some animals will be artificial.

Each print ad ran with the text, “What happens next is up to you. Even small changes to the way you live can make a big difference. Become a Futuremaker and help WWF make a better world for every living thing.”

Halo on the record. By Computer Arts

Computer Arts came to our studio and asked us what we thought about stuff. We did our best not to talk bollocks.


Winning clients. Winning work. Growing the agency the old fashioned way.

It’s been a whirlwind recently at Halo. We’ve won some amazing new clients; joining the SunLife agency roster, developing an exciting new craft beer brand, delivering an extensive rebrand for a financial juggernaut and winning a beloved name in coffee. In the last two weeks alone we’ve taken on potentially our biggest project yet for a business poised on the brink of ultra-scaling and we’re about to announce our entry into the architectural design and construction market.


MailChimp’s marketing campaign, “Did You Mean MailChimp?”, was one of the three Cyber Grand Prix winners at Cannes International Festival of Creativity 2017, in recognition of an integrated multi-platform campaign. And a blinder it is too.

Launched in January 2017, the brand campaign was designed as an ecosystem of additive, artful and playful experiences connected with the mispronunciation of the email marketing platform name Mailchimp.

Build The Future 2017

Lego ads are AMAZING. And following on from our recent post celebrating some classic press treatments here's the latest 2017 reboot. Created by Ogilvy Bangkok, this series - that show children creating their future careers out of Lego - recently won three Silver Lions (for Print, Publishing and Outdoor) and a bronze (for Design). Why? because they are breathtaking examples of when advertising becomes a work of art.

Enjoy. Be amazed. Show respect. Build something out of Lego.

New Fab campaign is perfect

Every now and again a campaign comes along that just makes you glad to be alive and working in this industry.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Fab - the three tiered ice lolly straight from your childhood - Nestlé appointed Isobel, a great independent London ad agency to create a campaign to get consumers stuck into the newsagent's fridge. The concept is so simple it hurts. Fab brings the fun whatever perilous position you find yourself in. They all look utterly beautiful and bring a smile to your face. Guaranteed.

Vote For Your Voice

One of the biggest problems we face with the election is that people don't use their vote. Sometimes the message of forcing your ideas upon people can be too much. Along with Jamie Ellul at Supple Studio we created posters that have a simple message to the younger generation. Vote!

We want to spread the word far and wide and flood social media with a bright, bold and positive message.

(Hold me closer) Tiny Dancer

Following on from a previous post about films my friend Oli emails me, here's some more gold.

Sponsored by YouTube, The Cut has invited filmmakers to make official videos for classic Elton John hits. Directed by Max Weiland, this film for Tiny Dancer will make you happy to be alive, and yearn for a move to LA. Reflecting on life and living in LA through the personal lens of a dozen very different protagonists behind the wheels of their cars, it's the city of angels at it's beautiful, cinematic best.

Thanks Oli.

Athletic Advertising for Energy Drinks

BBDO in Chile have created an outdoor campaign for Amman, a natural energy tea. The work features gymnast's competing on the pommel horse and rings whilst drinking the aforementioned energy drink. To achieve this, they've grown another set of arms.

The ads suggest that Amman is a) addictive b) contains magical qualities not seen since Harry Potter c) is still allowed to be consumed during competitive sports even though it's both addictive and magical. I'm looking forwards to the next Olympics when Chile win gold at everything with their army of mutant Octogymnasts.

Cleaning up

Continuing the theme of awesome advertising that ticks all the boxes; great, simple concept, beautiful design and realisation, snappy copy - Seven from Brazil prove that South America is at the forefront of refreshingly old skool advertising. Juliano Tejada, Giba Bittencourt, Arthur Webber from Seven teamed up with Alopra Studio to deliver this killer work. We at Halo applaud them. And so should you.