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Are you mobile friendly? Google rewards responsive websites

As of the 21st of April Google will be implimenting major changes to its search ranking for websites and app content. Results from mobile friendly website and apps will be given priority over mobile unfriendly results, particularly for searches from a mobile device.

Mobile friendliness is effectively Google’s label for a Responsive website. A responsive website is built to work on any size screen, be it smartphone tablet or desktop.

According to Google a mobile friendly site meets three main criteria:

  • Text is displayed at a readable size without having to zoom
  • Links are big enough to be clicked/touched without having to zoom or possible clicking/touching another link
  • The website width(viewport) matches your screen size and isn’t ‘zoomed out’ to fit  

Every website Halo have built over the last two years has been Responsive and conforms to all the above ‘mobile friendly requirements’. In fact we don’t build websites that aren’t responsive (unless a client has a very good reason not to). With the huge increases in mobile browsing and proliferation of the iPad and smartphones we thought it would be daft to ignore this trend. Baking responsive into our process from the get go dramatically reduces the cost compared to converting a non-responsive site later on.

Because we build responsive websites we get why Google has made this change. SEO from a users perspective is supposed to be all about putting the right content in front of the right users. Why should mobile users be shown content from searches that is displayed in a format that is essentially inaccessible to them? We think and we encourage our clients to think about how content is going to work across all devices. If a business wants their content in front of as many relevant users as possible then they have to do this.

This is great news for all our clients from the last two years, as thanks to Google’s new change they will now have even more of an advantage over the non-responsive sites of their competitors who will start losing out on traffic from mobile searches.

If you’re not lucky enough to be one of our clients and you aren’t sure if your company website is going to start suffering because it isn’t responsive you can give us a call or use this very helpful Google  Mobile-friendly test page to find out.