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Infinite content for Arcade Fire's 'Everything Now'

With a host of fake articles, a spoof review of their own Album, the album cover by Parisian photographer JR available in 20 languages and a huge amount of other content, Arcade Fire's Everything Now, has plenty to explore.

There are several fake press articles the band created (which is worth a read here) to point fun at the press. Dotted across these fake news stories there are adverts for products/songs that featured in the bands album insert. All social links go to the Everything Now twitter account which describes itself as "Everything Now Content Division, a subsidiary of Everything Now. The shortest distance between you and everything is Everything Now." Kind of setting them up as a fake large media corporation.

The band also did a review of their own album on a spoof website called Stereoyum, this was a poke at the 'Premature evaluations' reviews that Stereogum do, in which Stereogum responded appropriately.

The level of detail that has gone into this release is impressive, if you pick up a copy of the album on vinyl or CD there is plenty to look at, from the spot UVs and removable printed clear sleeve to the almost Aldi-esque product flyer that has the products named after the songs and the lyrics being the articles.

“It’s the idea of everything, newness,” explained Butler in a recent interview. “Everything that happens in the world is surrounded by a whole cloud of other garbage, some of it fake, some of it real, some of it true, it’s just a sheen on existence.”