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New Fab campaign is perfect

Every now and again a campaign comes along that just makes you glad to be alive and working in this industry.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Fab - the three tiered ice lolly straight from your childhood - Nestlé appointed Isobel, a great independent London ad agency to create a campaign to get consumers stuck into the newsagent's fridge. The concept is so simple it hurts. Fab brings the fun whatever perilous position you find yourself in. They all look utterly beautiful and bring a smile to your face. Guaranteed.

In this blog we spend a lot of time sharing great ideas from all over the world. What tends to link them together is the theme of clear and simple ideas, executed really well. This campaign is the that in a nutshell. This campaign is my fav of the year so far.

Good work Isobel. You rocked this.