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Ozark Opening Credits

For those of you that haven't watched Ozark, starring Jason Bateman on Netflix, sort yourself out and watch it, now! (fear not, there are no obvious spoilers in this post).

For those who have, (Well done on watching a brilliant TV series by the way.) you will have noticed the 'O' at the beginning of each episode for the title credits designed by F Davis.

Upon closer inspection we noticed some cool things that we thought were worth pointing out:

  • The illustrations cleverly take form of the letters 'Z A R K' With the 'O' circling them.
  • With each episode the images change.
  • Going back to the title sequence after watching the episode , you'll notice that the illustrations foreshadow what happens in each episode.

Can you guess what each illustration relates to? (WARNING THERE WILL NOW BE SPOILERS)