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A product design masterclass

The DOT Braille Smart Watch project has won the Grand LIA for Design at the 2016 London International Awards. Developed in South Korea, DOT the first Braille Smartwatch sets out to provide an interactive device for blind and visually impaired people.

B&VI people can benefit from DOT in all areas of life: DOT makes communication easy and private, provides fast access to information anywhere, makes navigation and transport more convenient and safe, enables efficient, independent and joyful education, improves work performance and increases job opportunities, supports leisure and sports activities. Through the open DOT API, anyone can develop apps or services for DOT. Existing ones can be easily adapted. Apps for Braille education, social networking, navigation, newsfeed, weather and many more are already in development.

It's an amazing piece of thoughtful, precise design.

And it’s incredibly beautiful.