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Save your life with soap

This is a really cool idea and beautifully executed. The Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore has introduced the ‘Ladysaver Soap’ – a new initiative to encourage women to check their breasts regularly and hopefully form a habit of doing so. The idea, developed by DDB Group Singapore and produced in collaboration with local sponsor Soap Ministry – an artisanal soap-making company, was launched in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Ladysaver Soap comes in a box of 12 soap roses with each soap rose embedded with the waterproof reminder to ‘CHECK BREASTS’, progressively revealed with every shower. The use of soap allows the reminder to be integrated into women’s everyday routines, catering to even the busiest lives and reaching women at a convenient time and place so they can act on the reminder immediately.

Designed to be a soap that women will love, the Ladysaver Soap is handcrafted using moisturising organic goat’s milk, infused with rose essential oil. Breast cancer survivors and their supporters have lent their hands towards this initiative by creating the soap through BCF’s Healing Through The Arts programme, in a bid to help other women fight the battle they have won.