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Space themed water

Unicorn Studio Moscow has created a packaging design for "КOMETA" spring water, and it’s pretty beautiful.

Kometa (Comet) is a new Russian brand of drinking water produced for the domestic and international markets. Unicorn said of the design "Our objective was clear: package must be instantly recognizable and easily remembered. To achieve this, we have chosen a simple, minimalistic image – a silver star. It symbolizes everything at once: pureness, technology, space-level quality, and in addition, it resembles one of the most well-known emblems of Russia in the world. "

The space theme is continued in the design of the bottle, for which Unicorn chose plastic in a saturated dark blue shade in a suggestion of deep space. 

Unicorn call the design "retro-futurism": ‘it is not a modern high-tech, but rather retro science fiction, which refers to the past era when space exploration was a romantic dream of mankind.’

Some very big ideas at play here, but ultimately it’s just a really beautiful riff on classic Sci-fi iconology. And it works. With or without the design rhetoric.