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Unpredictable nature

Press advertising is a true love of Halo. You have to convey a message in an intriguing, compelling and stylish way that stops your audience in their tracks and engages them to learn more, discover and explore. Obviously sometimes press ads just show a product and ask you to buy it (looking at you DFS), but sometimes wonderful things happen.

Take Jeep.

One of the Jeep’s main features is the Forward Collision Warning. A sensor that reveals if the car is getting closer too fast to another vehicle or if there’s a long obstacle on its path, warning the driver so that he can avoid impact. The Jeep Animals campaign by Leo Burnett Turin was developed on the idea that, thanks to the Forward Collision Warning, Jeep is always ready to face the unpredictability of nature. “When Nature is Unpredictable” is played out in the desert (Jeep Cherokee), mountains (Jeep Grand Cherokee) and forest (Jeep Renegade) settings.

Beautifully illustrated, these stunning ads are complex in design, simple in message. Exactly how a press ad should be.