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Halo are an established advertising agency based in Bristol. We are full-service, with a large proportion of our work being digital. We build sites for a range of clients, from large corporate blue-chips, to some of the UK’s biggest music and festival sites to local businesses and challenger brands. We’re interested in the space where brand, technology and UX interact.

Sophie Peacock

Keep the faith in your big idea - Guinness

When you think of an iconic brand and how it gained its status, it’s easy to assume it was an instant success – ignoring the possible hurdles the agency endured to get there. Storytelling is a journey, and the first execution to tell it may not be the best version of itself. It can be a trial and error process with the audience. If at first you don’t succeed...

Pepsi for the win

It's been a difficult year for Pepsi. The disaster that was the miss-firing TV spot starring Kendall Jenner plunging the brand into controversy has meant they have to something to prove. With the help of BBDO Dusseldorf they've come back. Fighting.

Miles Tincknell

Ozark Opening Credits

For those of you that haven't watched Ozark, starring Jason Bateman on Netflix, sort yourself out and watch it, now! (fear not, there are no obvious spoilers in this post).

For those who have, (Well done on watching a brilliant TV series by the way.) you will have noticed the 'O' at the beginning of each episode for the title credits designed by F Davis.

Upon closer inspection we noticed some cool things that we thought were worth pointing out:

Infinite content for Arcade Fire's 'Everything Now'

With a host of fake articles, a spoof review of their own Album, the album cover by Parisian photographer JR available in 20 languages and a huge amount of other content, Arcade Fire's Everything Now, has plenty to explore.

Classic Ads Remembered: WWF

In 2006 the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) asked Australians to make a real difference to the future of our planet by making small changes in their lives today. A series of postcards and print advertisements highlighted the possibility of a future in which our only experience of some animals will be artificial.

Each print ad ran with the text, “What happens next is up to you. Even small changes to the way you live can make a big difference. Become a Futuremaker and help WWF make a better world for every living thing.”

Halo on the record. By Computer Arts

Computer Arts came to our studio and asked us what we thought about stuff. We did our best not to talk bollocks.


Winning clients. Winning work. Growing the agency the old fashioned way.

It’s been a whirlwind recently at Halo. We’ve won some amazing new clients; joining the SunLife agency roster, developing an exciting new craft beer brand, delivering an extensive rebrand for a financial juggernaut and winning a beloved name in coffee. In the last two weeks alone we’ve taken on potentially our biggest project yet for a business poised on the brink of ultra-scaling and we’re about to announce our entry into the architectural design and construction market.