Halo vs SXSW

So, we're here. We've made the 7620km journey that took us 10 hours (including a close call making our connection from Dallas to Austin) - but there's no time to rest because SXSW is a full on experience.

It's kind of like a typical festival. There's incredible things to see, all happening at the same time, and the key is not to plan too much. There's no need to seek out interesting, it's all around you here. Go with your instinct and cool stuff appears.

Better living with cancer

Sometimes design is just life affirming. The power of a simple idea to make life that little bit better. To connect people when they need it the most.

Halo redesigns the sun masthead

David Hockney has redesigned The Sun masthead. The Sun themselves seem very happy with the results, but we can't help but think Mr Hockney may be trolling the paper.

Not ones to miss an opportunity to flex our design muscles we thought we'd join in. Having looked at the Hockney original we think it probably took no more than 5 mins to complete, so we set ourselves the same challange: Redesign The Sun masthead in less than 5 mins. The results are a mixed bag. Much like The Sun itself.

First up is David Hockney's version. The rest we take full credit for.


music videos you need to see

My friend Oli likes to send me a video of the week. The email arrives in my inbox without airs or graces. It simply states 'video of the week'. And it always is. The last two have been especially brilliant and I'm sharing them here because they are worth your time. Don't thank me, thank Oli Kendall.

1. Young Thug 'Wyclef Jean'. A video that Young Thug didn't show up for. The resulting 'documusicvideo' is a sublime work of genius.

2. DJ Shadow feat. Run the Jewels 'Nobody Speak'. A video for our times.

Love Tea? Love Design? Prepare to lose your shit...

Winner of the Golden Pin Design Award in Taiwan is the Tse-Xin Organic Tea Carrying Case – Taiwan Tea Series of Conservation Animals, produced for Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation by 3ya design Associates.

We made our own Prosecco

It's Christmas. So we've made our own brand of Prosecco. Yay!

We've lovingly crafted the label design to perfectly compliment the clean, crisp and fruity burst of the fizz in the bottle. We can't say it's the best Prosecco you'll ever taste, but we think the label is up there. Here's a few iPhone pics of the print hot off the press. We'll do some over-the-top pictures later once the elves have finished hand labeling each bottle, but right now, check this out...



2016. A year to remember

2016 was the year of endings. Brexit. Common sense. Prince. Alan Rickman, Mohamed Ali, Gene Wilder, Fidel Castro. The Great British Bake Off on the BBC.
It’s been the year that just kept getting more insane as days turned to weeks turned to months of everything falling apart around us. And Bowie died. As if Prince wasn’t enough.

BBDO go simple and clear for Virgin

Nice campaign by BBDO. Type is sweet, images strong, message clear and (although a tad cheesy) a little bit inspirational. Nice.

McRibs Season is Open

Cossette, the Chicago based advertising agency have just produced some beautiful ads to announce that McDonalds' McRibs are now on the menu.

Using the traditional stylings associated with yesteryear hunting portraits the guns are replaced with tools that are far less violent, and far more culinary.

Really beautiful work, sensitively executed to great effect.

A product design masterclass

The DOT Braille Smart Watch project has won the Grand LIA for Design at the 2016 London International Awards. Developed in South Korea, DOT the first Braille Smartwatch sets out to provide an interactive device for blind and visually impaired people.