Illustration will not save the world. But it should try

Robin Wood is a nationwide, nonviolent action group in Germany focusing on environmental activism around climate, energy, forests and mobility. The Robin Wood Disappearing Animals advertising campaign – created by Grabarz & Partner Hamburg, featuring three disappearing animals, a deer, capuchin monkey and polar bear affected by habitat destruction, won Gold for illustration at the 2016 Clio Awards.

More Beer Brand Porn

As some of you will know, we love beer branding at Halo, and we'll be announcing something very exciting in Feb 2017 about our own work for a legendary brewery, but for now, check this out. Osiris is 'innovative craft beer touched by the gods'. Sepan Solodkov developed the St Petersburg based brand and what a well realised job this is.

The visual identity has strength and a beautiful balance between type and marque. The labels offer punch and energy with sharper colours and shapes that make the designs pop from distance. Don't know how the beer tastes, but love the look.

Music is our first love

There's a show in town that you've got to see. Well, as long as you live in Montreal. The show in question "American Story' celebrates the history of American music, one legendary song at a time. To promote the show Theatre St Denis commissioned Voyou and they created a brilliant concept that is as striking as it is sharp.

Special mentions for Bruno Terroux for some killer art direction and Steven Roberts for his crafted design.


McDonald's owns US election and autumn

I wanted to write a paragraph or so about the following work I'm sharing here.

'Check out the cool ads McDonald's have done.'

I am failing to write a whole paragraph.

Let *some* of the world in

Libratone have launched their first line of headphones with pretty clever adjustable active noise cancellation - so users choose how much of the world they let in. The launch ads are effortless. Beautiful images of commuters teamed with cut type that describes the cause of the noise they're limiting.

Sharp like a razor. Nice work.


Space themed water

Unicorn Studio Moscow has created a packaging design for "КOMETA" spring water, and it’s pretty beautiful.

The art of cutting out

You know books that are cut out to create a secret compartment? This is level up. Matteo Giuseppe Pani created a one off piece called 'Scarab', a book with a scarab beetle cut from every page creating a thing of real beauty - for The Onassis Cultural Centre, a contemporary design muesum in Athens. It's 45 layers of hand cut pages creating a symbol of regeneration and creation.

Dedicated as a positive symbol to Greece. And dedication to having a very steady hand.

Kit Kat - Break Edition brilliance

Check out some really beautiful work by LATTE Co. in Mexico for Nestlé Kit Kat. The concept is 'a break of music and love'. But really, whatever designer Nacho Huizar had in mind, the effect is a beautiflly realised slab of sharp, considered graphics that ooze energy and offer a vibrancy to the Kit Kat brand that really compliments it's playful undertones.

What's not to love?

Unpredictable nature

Press advertising is a true love of Halo. You have to convey a message in an intriguing, compelling and stylish way that stops your audience in their tracks and engages them to learn more, discover and explore. Obviously sometimes press ads just show a product and ask you to buy it (looking at you DFS), but sometimes wonderful things happen.

Take Jeep.

Fancy a small bite?

We love beautifully realised, great ideas at Halo, and this work from Rethink Canada for Robin des Bois is a perfect example.