Draw with pollution

Tiger Beer is sponsoring Air‐Ink, an innovative range of pens, markers and spray cans made from recycled air pollution.

Taking workwear to new heights

Halo are proud to announce the launch of our latest transmedia campaign for Scruffs Workwear.

Are you a master of your trade? Win £350 cash and a Scruffs workwear collection

Are you a master of your trade? Would you like the opportunity to be the face of Scruffs Workwear and win £350 cash and a collection of Scruff’s workwear?


Cannes Lions 2016

Everyone reading this, meet Tom. Tom has spent a week on work experience at Halo working as a copywriter. Along with coming up with a product naming hierarchy for a new agricultural product range and making fairly average tea he’s also written this blog article about this years Cannes Lions. Now, Tom knew nothing about the Lions when he started, but he’s researched the hell out of it and the results below are his take on a few of the winners…

Elliot Christopher

Catherine Pampallis

Atypical Typography

One from a while back, but only recently discovered by the Halo studio. By Warsaw artist and designer Pawel Nolbert “Atypical Typography”, is a series of posters exploring form and rhythm of letters or pseudo-letters presented as half-realistic, half-illustrative figurative sculptures. The artworks were built from elaborate artistic painterly gestures into expressive arrangements, extending the aesthetic characteristic of typography.

They look pretty incredible we think you'll agree - makes you want to get out your paint brush...

Small potatoes

So, we came across this advert for Albert Bartlett Rooster Potatoes in the Guardian Weekend Magazine. Is this this the weirdest movie hookup we've ever seen? Maybe, although we kind of like the headline, if only because it's just soooo odd.

Like the movie The Martian starring Matt Damon? You'll love our Rooster potatoes! Would this make you trial a new brand of spud? Answers on a postcard please...

The Writer with No Hands

One from the archives. A few years back we created a film poster for The Writer With No Hands, a documentary film that follows a British academic as he attempts to prove that Hollywood screenwriter, Gary Devore, was the victim of a forced disappearance by the CIA in 1997.

Here is one of the screen prints we had made for the launch.

Save your life with soap

This is a really cool idea and beautifully executed. The Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore has introduced the ‘Ladysaver Soap’ – a new initiative to encourage women to check their breasts regularly and hopefully form a habit of doing so.