We've made a record

Well, we've not made a record, the super talented Gavin Thorpe has made a record, full of beautiful, inspired folk - Halo has created the cover art.

The Curse of Content Marketing

Every time I scroll through Twitter, each time I go onto LinkedIn, I’m bombarded by links to articles about content marketing.  I get endless emails about it, I overhear conversations on trains about it, I myself am often in conversations that start with the words ‘let’s talk content’.

A to Zoe

Like many other parents, I wish my 2 year old would eat the food I give her, instead of throwing at either A) the floor B) the wall or C) my face...

However, Tommy Perez may have found the answer to my prayers with this beatifully crafted and rather tasty looking alphabet which also helps his daughter, Zoe, learn her ABC's.

Max Harding

Are you mobile friendly? Google rewards responsive websites

As of the 21st of April Google will be implimenting major changes to its search ranking for websites and app content. Results from mobile friendly website and apps will be given priority over mobile unfriendly results, particularly for searches from a mobile device.

Mobile friendliness is effectively Google’s label for a Responsive website. A responsive website is built to work on any size screen, be it smartphone tablet or desktop.

According to Google a mobile friendly site meets three main criteria:

Charlie Black

Alberto Seveso

Our new home page is graced by an incredible piece by illustrator supremeo Alberto Seveso. With a portfolio proudly displaying work for ESPN, Sony and Adobe, Alberto's star is in full asendance and we're delighted to join his ever growing ranks of collaborators and clients. We asked Alberto to capture the essence of Halo in a single image - nothing more, we wanted him to express our brand on his terms (after all, as creatives we are constantly asking clients to put their brands in our hands and we're not afraid to do the same).

Direct Mail gets the thumbs up (sorry)

Justin Poulsen is a conceptual photographer who specializes in building physical props – rather than relying solely on digital wizardry – to make ideas come to life. To demonstrate this, Justin created severed USB thumb drives, molded from his own thumb and loaded with his portfolio, allowing potential clients to experience both the tactile and visual quality of his craft.

Basically awesome original thinking with a seriously well crafted execution. Shame he lives in Canada.

Styx get comfortable

I love comfortable pants, don’t we all? But by the looks of things, Styx pants take comfort to the next level.

Fitzroy do self-promotion with style

Fitzroy Netherlands know a thing or two about promoting themselves, but this campaign is next level cool. The photos show Fitzroy clients wearing sweatshirts with the classic line ‘I went to (……) & all I got was this lousy sweatshirt’ – the preserve of seaside resorts & tourist traps around the world, with a twist. The + symbol leads to some big hitting figures showing the agencies successes.

Not only does it illustrate how good they are as an agency, but their clients are willing to promote them too – now that's a strong agency/ client relationship.